"The thick-set roan gelding could not have been mistaken by the most ignorant urbanite for a fiery steed, but Miles adored him, for his dark and liquid eye, his wide velvet nose, his phlegmatic disposition equally unappalled by rushing streams or screaming aircars, but most of all for his exquisite dressage-trained responsiveness. Brains before beauty. Just being around him made Miles calmer, the beast was an emotional blotter, like a purring cat."
―Miles' thoughts on Fat Ninny[src]

Fat Ninny was the pet horse owned and riden by Miles Vorkosigan on Barrayar.

Miles raised him from a colt and performed in dressage competitions with him. He was named by Count Piotr Vorkosigan, and he was the last horse Piotr trained. In many ways, he was considered part of the Vorkosigan family.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fat Ninny is patterned on a real horse known to the author.