"In fact, the last time I saw the old man he told me I was a hopeless floater and the despair of my mother, himself, and all other geezer-class Vorpatrils. Well, he didn't say geezer-class, he said right-thinking. Comes to the same thing."
Ivan Vorpatril[src]

Falco Vorpatril was a District Count of Barrayar and the senior member of House Vorpatril. He was known as a political moderate, alternatively considered a conservative Progressive or a progressive Conservative. His residence in the capital was Vorpatril House.[1]

While Count Vorpatril was only a very distant cousin of Lord Ivan Vorpatril, who held his title from another source, he was an associate of Ivan's mother Lady Alys Vorpatril[1] and on occasion lent her the use of his armsmen.[2][3]

Count Vorpatril initially opposed the succession of Lord Dono Vorrutyer to the title of Count Vorrutyer. However, after Dono was assaulted by hired thugs, Ivan Vorpatril brought him to Vorpatril House and produced evidence that Dono's cousin and rival Richars Vorrutyer was responsible for the assault. Offended, Vorpatril joined Count Vorhalas, Count Vorfolse, and Count Vorkalloner in opposing Richars. Their support provided Dono his victory.[4]

When Ivan and Tej showed up in his court seeking a divorce, he refused them on the grounds that they met none of the conditions required for granting one. He closed the case with the statement "Do not ever again attempt to play fast and loose with solemn oaths in any jurisdiction of mine, Captain and Lady Vorpatril." [5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"He was still white-haired, stout, jovial - like a sly Father Frost with a hidden agenda. Falco was nothing if not a political survivor, Conservative by inclination, Centrist by calculation. He wore the formal Vorpatril House uniform of dark blue and gold, which adapted itself to his contours much as he adapted himself to the political landscape."
―Ivan and Tej meet up with Falco[src]

Falco Vorpatril had white hair, bushy gray eyebrows, and a gruff voice. He enjoyed baiting his distant younger cousin Ivan Vorpatril about his love life, though it could be speculated that Falco was legitimately concerned due to Ivan's position as an Imperial heir.

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