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"The colored fringe of night slid around the rim of the planet as the personnel pod continued to match orbits from the Barrayaran Imperial courier vessel they had just left, to the Cetagandan transfer station they were approaching. The nightside glittered appallingly. The continents were awash in a fairy dust of lights. Miles swore he might read by the glow of the civilization, as if from a full moon. His homeworld of Barrayar seemed suddenly a dull vast swatch of rural darkness, with only a few sparks of cities here and there."
―The planet from orbit.[src]

Eta Ceta IV (AY-tuh SEE-tuh) was home to Cetaganda, the capital of the Cetagandan Empire and home of its haut Emperor.

It was a highly urbanized world with advanced technology. Its multiple continents were very lit up at night by its many large cities.[1]

The air on Eta Ceta was breathable, and the climate pleasant (at least in the vicinity of the capital city). The planet had oceans and rain.[2]

Places on Eta Ceta[]

People from Eta Ceta[]

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