"The liveried man was the laconic veteran Esterhazy, whom Miles had known most of his life; excellent company for a man who didn't want to talk about it, unlike Ivan you could almost forget he was there. Miles wondered if Esterhazy's assignment had been random chance, or a mercy of the Count's. Esterhazy was good with horses."
―Miles's thoughts regarding Esterhazy[src]

Esterhazy was a Vorkosigan armsman who began his service under Piotr Vorkosigan. A relatively young armsman at the time, namely age 40, he assisted Piotr and the others in their flight from Vordarian's forces at the start of the Pretendership and served as a foster-father for Emperor Gregor during the war.

In an unfortunate incident during Miles Vorkosigan's childhood, Armsman Esterhazy attempted to cheer him up by deliberately allowing Miles to win a game of cross-ball. When Miles learned of the trickery, he was furious; he never really forgave Esterhazy for the action.

Behind the scenes Edit

Esterházy is a Hungarian name associated with a family of nobles. Princess Esterhazy was also one of the real Patronesses of Almacks who appeared occasionally throughout Georgette Heyer's regencies. See wikipedia for more information.


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