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A wealthy and technologically advanced planet, Escobar (EHS-koh-bahr) was situated in the Nexus between Sergyar and Beta Colony. The Barrayaran Empire attempted to invade Escobar in Shards of Honor, with disastrous results.[1]

Astrography and Climate[]

Escobar was well-connected to the rest of the nexus. Its known wormhole connections included:

There was a pleasant climate on at least part of the planet; rain[4] and "shirt sleeve weather" were described as occurring there. The length of the day was 26:07 hours.[5]

It was one of the earlier-settled planets of the Nexus, with a large population even in the days of Falling Free.[6]


Various personal and place names suggest it was founded by a Latin culture.

The government was democratic, generally permitting wide-spread discussion of its politics and featured by a gender-equality.[7]

Mercenary fleets were required to seal their weapons at the Outside jumppoint station and submit proof of having purely commercial intentions before they would be allowed to enter local space. Thus, the Dendarii Mercenaries called themselves the "Dendarii Free Corporation" whenever they were visiting there.[8]

Criminals were treated via imprisonment in at least some cases, though Escobar did have highly-advanced psychotherapists as well[1]. Their system of courts as it faced the Nexus was known as the Cortes Planetaris de Escobar; it issued arrest orders for people who skipped bail by fleeing the planet, such as Enrique Borgos.[9]

Places on Escobar[]

  • The equivalent building to ImpSec was the Investigatif Federale building.[10][11]
  • Port Beauchene[5]
  • The Beauchene Life Center was a cryotherapy specialty clinic regularly visited by the Dendarii when they wished to cryorevive their people or to train medtechs in modern techniques.[12]
  • The City University of Nuovo Valencia was a university that sent graduate students to Sergyar to study the native flora and fauna[13]

People from Escobar[]

Behind the scenes[]

The author has stated that the language of Escobar is "a rather scrambled creole or amalgam of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and a few other things, so it won't be following the rules of any one of them, or only randomly."

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