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"Earth was still the largest, richest, most varied and populous planet in scattered humanity's entire wormhole nexus of explored space. Its dearth of good exit points in solar local space and governmental disunity left it militarily and strategically minor from the greater galactic point of view. But Earth still reigned, if it did not rule, culturally supreme. More war-scarred than Barrayar, as technically advanced as Beta Colony, the end-point of all pilgrimages both religious and secular."
―Miles arrives at Earth[src]

Earth was (is?) the original home world of humans, with a long and complex history. Sea level was considerably higher than encountered in real life times, with London and New York City both protected by locks and dikes. Los Angeles was submerged.

It had a population of 9 billion people, easily the largest in all the Nexus. Its moon was famous.[1]

Due to its poor placement in the Nexus, it was off of the main trade routes, though tourists and historians visited it regularly. It was wealthy and peaceful, as high-tech as Beta Colony.[1] It was probably part of the Western Orion Arm group of planets.[2]

One monetary unit associated with the Earth was the GSA Federal Credit[3], which was worth a rather large number of Barrayaran marks (the exact amount was not specified); most transactions were done using Earth Universal Credit Cards.[4] In the long-ago past, a monetary unit called the S.A.H. Pesodoro was in use.[5]

Despite the presence of multiple nations there, Earth had a unified military, the Solar Navy.[6]

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