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The Durona Group (doo-ROH-nuh) was a mostly-female group of 36 clones who were created by Lilly Durona from her own DNA.

Lilly Durona had originally been created by Ry Ryoval's father as his very special "slave doctor." When he died and Ry Ryoval took over the management of the House, Lilly decided to flee together with a younger half-brother of Ry's named Georish Stauber. They fled to House Fell; Lilly began cloning herself again and again, producing the Durona Group. The group served as family doctors for upper management Fell employees and as researchers in military poisons and antidotes.

The group worked for House Fell on Jackson's Whole until rescued by Mark Vorkosigan. They escaped to Escobar, where they took up a medical practice that included cryorevivals and a great deal of research into anti-aging techniques.

Members of the Durona Group[]

The women in the Durona Group were named for flowers; the men were named for birds. 

  • Lilly Durona, the founder
  • Rose was the oldest after Lilly.
  • Lotus was next-oldest; she went renegade and became Baronne Bharaputra.
  • Poppy was a woman about ten years older than Chrys.
  • Chrys was about ten years older than Rowan; she specialized in physical therapy.
  • Rowan was a young cryo-revival specialist and surgeon at the time of Mirror Dance.
  • Violet was a child at the time of Mirror Dance.
  • Hawk was an older man who served as a bodyguard at times for Lilly.
  • Raven was a young man learning medicine during Mirror Dance; he was a cryo-revival specialist by the time of Cryoburn.


Behind the scenes[]

Inspiration for the Durona Group came from a filk-song, titled "The Witch of the West-mer-land".