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Dorca Vorbarra (DOHR-kuh vohr-BAA-ruh) was an Emperor of Barrayar and Count Vorbarra during and after the Time of Isolation. He ascended to the throne through Salic descent, i.e., through his mother's father's claim on the throne. He was known as the Just for breaking the control of the District Counts and unifying Barrayar under a solid central authority.

He was the Emperor at the time of the First Cetagandan War. He was the father of Yuri Vorbarra, Xav Vorbarra, Wife of Ezar Vorbarra, and probably some other unnamed daughters.

Particular details of his rule[]


Many books mention Dorca; some of the more useful ones are:

Behind the scenes[]

There exists some authorial discussion of Dorca, particularly regarding how he took the throne, his family members, and the time of his death. See "Re: Vorbarra family tree", 102584.html, 102544.html, and 064489.html.