"Dr. Tan was tan, and very healthy-looking, though his features were hard to map to any particular Earth ancestry"
―Jole meets Dr Tan[src]

Dr Tan was a Betan doctor transplanted to Sergyar to run Kayross, the planet's fledgeling reproductive center in Kareenburg.

Cordelia Vorkosigan conferred with him in arranging to have daughters to raise on Sergyar; when he told her that some of her eggs could be used for three-parent embryos, she decided to offer those eggs to Oliver Jole. When Jole arrived at the center, Dr Tan gave him a tour of the entire facility. At the end of the visit, he requested permission from Jole to offer his gametes to the center's catalog, saying "I rather think your face would sell." Jole declined that request.


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