"He was a typical enough Barrayaran: dark haired, brown eyed, with an olive complexion made pale by his months in space. His regular features reminded Miles a bit of his cousin Ivan at the same feckless age. An extensive bruise around one eye was fading, turning yellowish green. His uniform shirt was open at the throat, sleeves rolled up. Some paling, irregular pink scars zigzagged over his exposed skin, marking him as a victim of the Sergyaran worm plague of some years back; he had evidently grown up, or at least been resident, on Barrayar's new colony planet during that difficult period before the oral vermicides had been perfected."
―Miles meets Corbeau[src]

Ensign Dmitri Corbeau was a junior pilot officer abord the Barrayaran Imperial military ship, the Prince Xav. A Sergyaran, but not a native one, he and his family emigrated there when he was five years old. At some point, he became one of the victims of the infamous Sergyaran worm plague; the scars from his encounter and the surgical removal of the worms crossed his arms and torso.

He joined the Barrayaran Imperial Service on a five year hitch, and they trained him as a jump pilot.

When the Prince Xav escorted a Komarran trade fleet to Quaddiespace, Dmitri met and fell in love with a quaddie woman named Garnet Five. This was not well received by his fellow crewmembers on the Prince Xav; at least one of them called him "mutie lover" to his face.

The quaddies were not initially inclined to accept his request to live with them, but their opinion of him changed after he helped to save Graf Station from a bioplague. As a consequence, Miles Vorkosigan appointed him to be Barrayar's full time diplomatic consul in Quaddiespace.


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