"I want to be an officer, and travel around, and pick up girls. Not chase around through those mountains trying to collect taxes from homicidal illiterates and keep chicken-stealing cases from turning into minor guerilla wars. No insult intended, but your district is the most intractable on Barrayar. Miles, there are people back behind Dendarii Gorge who live in caves." Ivan shuddered. "And they like it."
―Ivan's thoughts on the Dendarii hillfolk[src]

The Dendarii Mountains (den-DARE-ee) were a major mountain range on the planet Barrayar and located on its Northern Continent. They formed the southern border of the Dendarii (Vorkosigan's) District.

The hillfolk in the Dendarii mountains were known for illiteracy, poverty, cultural backwardness, and a long guerilla tradition. They provided the core personnel in Piotr Vorkosigan's guerrilla warfare against the Cetagandan Invasion.

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Most books mention the Dendarii District or the mountains, but particularly useful references include:

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