"Sociopath therapy was invented for people like him."
―Admiral Naismith[src]

Danio was a private in the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. A known troublemaker, he was part of a group of four Dendarii that held a wine shop clerk hostage in London on Earth in a dispute over payment. Danio's commander Admiral Naismith talked him into surrendering to the local authorities, and he was taken into custody. He asked Naismith to act as a character witness when his case came up for judicial review, but Naismith declined and delegated Captain Bel Thorne on the grounds that Thorne would be able to lie well on the witness stand.

Private Danio was later bailed out by Naismith's clone, who was impersonating the Admiral at the time. Danio jumped bail to remain with the Dendarii, and on their next mission was assigned to infiltrate a pirate group operating in Sector IV.

Personality and traitsEdit

Danio owned an antique pistol and notched his kills into the hilts of his weapons. Admiral Naismith claimed he collected the scalps of his enemies, but it is not clear whether that was literally true, as Danio had come to Admiral Naismith's negative attention several times before the incident with the wine shop.