"Ghem-Colonel Benin, impeccably turned out in his blood-red dress uniform and freshly applied face paint, stepped firmly across the threshold. He was unarmed, but the red-clad squad behind him carried an arsenal sufficient to destroy any impediment in their path up to the size of a pocket dreadnought.... 'Good evening, haut Kety, ghem-General Naru.' Benin bowed with exquisite courtesy. 'By the personal order of Emperor Fletchir Giaja, it is my duty to arrest you both upon the serious charge of treason to the Empire. And,' contemplating Naru especially, Benin's smile went razor-sharp, 'complicity in the murder of the Imperial Servitor the Ba Lura.'"
―Benin's arrival on Kety's ship[src]

ghem-Colonel Dag Benin by gemmiona

ghem-general Dag Benin (BEH-nihn) served Cetagandan Imperial Security and eventually became head of the organization. He was promoted from ghem-Colonel to general as a reward for his job in the theft of the Great Key in Cetaganda, thanks to the influence of grateful haut ladies Pel and Nadina.

"Such a nice young man," Nadina commented in a well-modulated undertone to Miles, nodding at Benin, whom they could glimpse out in the corridor directing his troopers. "So neatly turned-out, and he understands the proprieties. We'll have to see what we can do for him, don't you agree, Pel?"
―Nadina's comments on Benin's ministrations after the horrific events[src]

By the time of A Civil Campaign, he was the head of the organization.

His devotion to truth carried him through some extremely dangerous investigations, both in the matter of the Great Key and in the matter of the theft of a thousand haut infants.

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