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The Council of Ministers was one of two Councils that served as Barrayar's equivalent to a legislature. Unlike the Council of Counts, it was appointed and not hereditary, although Counts could also serve as Ministers.The Council of Ministers may have been created by Emperor Dorca the Just Vorbarra as part of his reforms to create a centralized monarchy at the expense of the District Counts. It was significantly smaller than the Council of Counts, since there were only seventy-five votes in the Joint Council session that confirmed Aral Vorkosigan as Regent-elect (given that there were sixty seats in the Council of Counts this would mean that there were fifteen Ministers at that time). The impeachment of an Imperial Auditor required a three quarters majority vote of the Ministers and the Counts in full joint session assembled.[1] Ceremonial ministerial robes were black velvet and purple[2], and worn at ceremonies such as the Emperor's Birthday.[3]

Ministerial posts included:

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