Clive Chodak was a sergeant in the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. Before defecting to the Dendarii, he was a combat drop shuttle squad commander with the Oseran Mercenaries, serving aboard the Triumph. He took part in a Dendarii commando raid against the Oseran payroll transfer during the Tau Verde Ring war, and by the end of the war had the Dendarii rank of corporal.

Later promoted to sergeant, he was still with the fleet when Yuan Oser retook control of it several years later and renamed it the Oseran Mercenaries. While visiting Pol Station Six in the Hegen Hub, Chodak encountered Miles Vorkosigan posing as arms dealer Victor Rotha, and accidentally blew his cover by recognizing him as Admiral Naismith. Chodak tracked "Rotha" to his ship and spoke with him, apologizing for the security breach and bringing him up to date on Oser's coup.

The two met again on a military station under construction near the Aslund jump point in the Hegen Hub. Naismith, now traveling with Emperor Gregor Vorbarra of Barrayar, attempted to contact Elena Bothari-Jesek through Sergeant Chodak. Chodak relayed his message, but Naismith and Gregor were captured by forces loyal to Admiral Oser before the scheduled rendezvous and brought aboard the Triumph. After Oser ordered Naismith and Vorbarra spaced, Chodak helped to rescue them and spirit them off the vessel.

When Naismith returned to retake the fleet, Sergeant Chodak was one of his key loyalists, and handled his personal security, rescuing him from his ImpSec supervisor Captain Ungari and escaped prisoner Commander Cavilo. After Admiral Naismith and the Hegen Alliance defeated the Cetagandans over Vervain, Chodak accompanied Naismith, Commander Bothari-Jesek, and Commodore Ky Tung on a tour of Admiral Aral Vorkosigan's flagship, the Prince Serg.