Chris Clogston was a physician and captain in the Barrayaran Imperial Service posted aboard the Prince Xav. He was the senior fleet surgeon of Admiral Eugin Vorpatril's fleet when it was trapped at Graf Station due to a trade dispute. Clogston did the blood analysis that proved supposed Betan hermaphrodite Ker Dubauer was secretly a Cetagandan ba, and devised the temporary solution that kept Bel Thorne and Imperial Auditor Miles Naismith Vorkosigan alive when infected by part of the ba's biological warfare arsenal. After the ba was captured, Clogston accompanied Thorne and Vorkosigan to Rho Ceta in search of a cure to their ailment. He was forced to place both persons in stasis after their health markedly deteriorated.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Captain Clogston was named after science fiction fan Chris Clogston, who won the privilege in a charity auction.[2]

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