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"This is a damn sad business. ImpSec really needs to start some new traditions for changing its chiefs. Assassination and retribution is so disruptive to the organization."
―Illyan to Miles[src]

The Chief of Imperial Security on Barrayar was the person in charge of Imperial Security. While the job had traditionally been given to serving military men, this was not a requirement. The position's pay was at the level of a vice-admiral, and it came with an office in the Imperial Security Headquarters building near but not on the top floor (one had to go up two different lift tubes and then down another to reach the floor).

Chiefs of ImpSec[]

  • Negri's predecessor: the only known information about him is that Negri arranged his murder.[1]
  • Captain Negri: Ran ImpSec under Ezar, was killed by Vordarian's forces at the start of Vordarian's Pretendership. He was only a captain because he saw no need for any higher rank for himself.[2]
  • Captain Simon Illyan: He was appointed to the job by Aral Vorkosigan shortly after Negri's death; he chose not to seek any higher promotion so as not to place himself above Negri.[3][4] He received a vice-admiral's pay.[5][6][7]
  • General Lucas Haroche: He arranged the almost-death of Illyan; his tenure ended when Miles Vorkosigan charged him with that crime.[8]
  • General Guy Allegre: He was chosen for the job as Haroche's replacement.[9]

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