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Barrayaran politics was a cut-throat game...

"Ivan had slightly less interest in becoming involved with Imperial politics than in holding a plasma arc to his head and pulling the trigger. It wasn't that he ran away screaming whenever the loaded topics arose; that would draw too much attention. Saunter off slowly, that was the ticket."
Ivan Vorpatril, A Civil Campaign chapter 1
"My grandfather . . . learned his political science from the Cetagandans. Mad Emperor Yuri offered him postgraduate instruction after that. My grandfather schooled my father." And both of them schooled me. This is the only warning you will receive, Richars. "By the time I knew Piotr, Vorbarr Sultana party politics were just an amusing pastime to him, to entertain him in his old age."
Miles Vorkosigan, concerning Piotr Pierre Vorkosigan, A Civil Campaign chapter 12
"The attempted bribery or blackmail of an Imperial Auditor was treason. The attempted bribery or blackmail of a District Count during wrestling for votes was more in the nature of normal business practice; the Counts traditionally expected their fellows to defend themselves in that game, or be thought too stupid to live."
Miles Vorkosigan, A Civil Campaign chapter 12
"There is an unwritten rule among us, Richars; if you attempt any ploy on the far side of ethical, you'd damned well better be good enough at your game not to get caught."
Falco Vorpatril to Richars Vorrutyer, A Civil Campaign chapter 19


The most deeply political books in the Vorkosigan Saga are:

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