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"The man who answered the door had dark almond eyes, high cheekbones, skin the color of coffee and cream, and bright copper-colored hair, tightly curled as wire, cropped close to his head."
―Miles Vorkosigan's first meeting with Daum[src]

Major Carle Daum (KAHR-leh DAA-OOM) was an intelligence officer specializing in galactics from the country of Felice on Tau Verde IV.

During the war between the two countries Felice and Pelias, the Pelians hired the Oseran Mercenaries to blockade the wormhole. This changed a mostly-equal war into a much more one-sided one. In order to even the balance, Felice sent Carle Daum to Beta Colony to purchase a large amount of modern weaponry. He did so, but found it difficult to find any carriers who were willing to take his cargo to the planet. After several months, however, Miles Vorkosigan offered to try smuggling the weapons inside a normal-appearing agricultural cargo.

The smuggling run succeeded, though with a great many complications. Miles Vorkosigan and his companions ended up taking over an asteroid mining facility; during a counterattack by the Pelians, Major Daum was killed.

"Lieutenant Gamad, swollen with his newly inherited seniority, was inclined to challenge Miles's authority over the refinery, technically, it was true, Felician property. After Daum's cool, get the-job-done intensity, Miles suffered him ungladly."
―After Daum's death[src]