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Titles and styles used by Barrayaran Vor.

Case study - The Vorkosigan Family and Relatives[]

  • Aral, Count Vorkosigan
    • Aral Vorkosigan was styled 'Count Vorkosigan' because he ruled Vorkosigan's District, and was referred to as "Count Aral" by people who knew him.
  • Cordelia Vorkosigan, Countess Vorkosigan. Wife of Aral.
    • Also referred to as Countess Cordelia by people who knew  her.
    • After Count Aral's death, she became Dowager Countess Vorkosigan.
  • Miles, Lord Vorkosigan (m. Madame Ekaterin Vorsoissons)
    • Before the death of his grandfather, Count Piotr, he was Lord Miles.
    • After his grandfather's death, but before his father's death, he was Lord Vorkosigan.
    • After his father's death, he became Count Vorksogan.
  • Ekaterin Vorsoisson Vorkosigan
    • She was neither Countess nor Lady when married to Etienne Vorsoisson.
    • From then, until she before married Miles Vorkosigan, she was 'Madame Vorsoisson'.
  • Lord Sasha Vorkosigan
    • After Count Aral's death, he became Lord Vorkosigan
  • Lady Helen Vorkosigan
    • As the daughter of a Count, she remained "Lady Helen"
  • Lord Mark Vorkosigan
    • As younger son of a Count, he was 'Lord Mark'
    • If Mark were to have a legitimate son called 'n. Vorkosigan', that son would have been addressed in conversation simply as 'Vorkosigan', in the place of any other honorific.
  • Lord Ivan Vorpatril
    • He was neither count nor heir to a count. Nevertheless he was Lord Vorpatril as a courtesy title due to being extremly close to the imperium.
  • Emperor Gregor Vorbarra
    • He was styled 'Emperor Gregor' by everyone in the empire.
  • Madame or Mademoiselle
    • From Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, chapter 12: "So we have a case like By, whose grandfather was a count, whose father was a younger son and so Lord Firstname, and then Byerly, who is just Vorrutyer, the Vor part standing in for any other honorific. So you’d never introduce him as Mister or Monsieur Vorrutyer, just as Vorrutyer. Although his wife, if he had one, would be Madame Vorrutyer, and his sister, before she married, was Mademoiselle Vorrutyer."

Combination titles[]

When a Vor Lord or Lady had an addtional title, such as Auditor, the combined forms of the titles typically put the Lord or Count after military ranks but before the more specific job titles. Examples include:

  • Lord Auditor Miles Vorkosigan
  • Lord Regent Aral Vorkosigan
    • Given in full, the title was: Admiral Lord Aral Vorkosigan, Regent of Barrayar
  • Lieutenant Lord Miles Vorkosigan
  • Commodore Count Vidal Vordarian
  • Dowager-Princess Kareen Vorbarra
  • Prime Minister Vortala - appears to have lost the "Count"
  • Prime Minister Count Vorkosigan - keeps "Count",
    • Prime Minister Count Aral is seen

Other titles[]

  • Lord Guardian of the Speaker's Circle
  • Imperial Security Chief Illyan