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The tales Barrayarans told each other included the following:

  • Folk tales featured the Baba Yaga, who ate bad children, traveled in a magic flying mortar, and who at least once ground her enemies’ bones in said mortar[1][2][3].
  • Another tale told of a mutant who could not be killed, because he hid his heart in a box on a secret island far from his fortress[4].
  • There were old tales where the count gave an unsuitable suitor three impossible tasks[5].
  • Folk tales generally ended with the Count’s daughter getting married; the Princess’s mother always died young[6].
  • Vorthalia the Bold and the Thicket of Thorns[7].
  • Vorthalia the Bold and the search for Emperor Xian Vorbarra’s lost scepter[8]
  • Vorthalia the Loyal[9].
  • Witch’s name-day gift, aka Witch’s christening gift[10][11].

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