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Barrayaran Recreational Activities covers games, music, dance, and other non-essential enjoyments in Barrayaran living.

Music and Dance[]

  • Musical performances at Vorbarr Sultana Company Hall.[1][2]
  • Barrayarans were fond of marches.[3]
  • See Barrayaran dances for types of dances.
  • There were folk songs.[4]


Hobbies and Miscellany[]

  • Some Barrayarans collected banners of all the provinces.[14]
  • Hunting was a Vorish activity.[15]
  • Fishing, boating, hiking, and camping were known recreations around Vorkosigan Surleau. (various)
  • Caving in the Dendarii Mountains.[16]
  • Hand-to-hand martial arts were referred to as "judo".[17][18]
  • Horse-back riding and gymkhana competitions.[19]
  • Visiting the beach was popular.[20]
  • War reenactments and commemorations. [21]

Notes and references[]