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The Government of Barrayar consisted of quite a few bodies, jobs and positions.

Positions in Barrayaran Government[]

Emperor - head of all three planets[]

Council of Counts[]

Council of Ministers[]

Joint Council[]

  • Council of Ministers and Council of Counts meeting together; 15 + 60 = 75 people.
  • Their general role in government included:
    • The central committee of the two Councils consulted Aral Vorkosigan about Escobar invasion.[20]
    • Full Councils Assembled voted for Regent.[21]
    • Budgeting for wars[22]
    • Taxation[23]
    • Rulings for new laws[24]
    • A 3/4 vote of the joint council could remove an Imperial Auditor from a case.[25]

Diplomatic Corps[]

The entitiy that ran the various embassies and Consuls across the nexus[26]. Known roles included:

  • Ambassador or Consul
    • Consul Vorlynkin in Cryoburn, Ambassador Vor'obyev in Cetaganda
  • Senior Military Attaché
    • Captain Duv Galeni (for Earth) in Brothers in Arms, Lieutenant Johannes in Cryoburn, Ivan Vorpatril in epilogue to Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, Commodore Destang (for Tau Ceti) in Brothers in Arms
  • Second Assistant Military Attaché (Third, etc)
    • Ivan Vorpatril and Miles Vorkosigan in Brothers in Arms
  • Protocol Officer
    • Colonel Vorreedi in Cetaganda (actually was Eta Ceta-local head of Imperial Security)
  • For Consuls, Consulate Clerk
    • Juuichi Matson in Cryoburn

Different planets had Embassies or Consulates or just a local lawyer depending on their importance to Barrayar; Earth had a Class III Embassy, which was subordinate to the Sector 2 Security Headquarters on Tau Ceti, and the Kibou-Daini consulate was a branch of the Embassy on Escobar. Quaddiespace just had a local lawyer, though it apparently acquired a consulate headed by Ensign Corbeau at the end of Diplomatic Immunity.

Appointed Positions[]

General jobs and organizations within the government[]

Behind the scenes[]

"Barrayar has a large Imperial civil service, a reasonably highly organized bureaucracy mostly staffed and run by proles. Who do you think has been doing all the _work_, while the Counts are swanning around? (Or so they might put it. Most of the counts are, in fact, very hard-working, in their spheres. Falco is a fair average sample. The behavioral outliers, natch, get more press.) Vorbarr Sultana does not consist of only 3 government buildings; all those hundreds of others are there for reasons...."

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