"A live orchestra—selected by cutthroat competition from the Imperial Service Band, Cordelia was informed—provided music, in the Barrayaran style. Even the waltzes sounded faintly like marches. Aral and the princess were presented to each other, and he led her off for a couple of good-natured turns around the room, a formal dance that involved each mirroring the other's steps and slides, hands raised but never quite touching."
―Dancing at the Emperor's Birthday[src]

The following dances were known on Barrayar:

  • Mirror Dance: a waltz in which dancers imitated their partner's dance steps. It was a useful dance for unskilled dancers, such as Cordelia Naismith[1] and Mark Pierre Vorkosigan[2], who could be taught basic dance steps while publicly dancing.
  • Mazeppa's Minuet: a waltz with slightly complicated dance steps[3]

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