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The Barrayaran-Escobaran War, called the Escobar War by Barrayarans and the 120 Day War by Escobarans, was fought between Escobar and Barrayar during the reign of Ezar Vorbarra. It was ostensibly an invasion by Barrayar through the wormhole near Sergyar and resulted in the blockading of the Escobaran wormholes and a failed attack on the planet, during which Serg Vorbarra, Ges Vorrutyer, and Aristede Vorkalloner were killed, among thousands of others. In actuality, the invasion was planned by Ezar Vorbarra as a way to kill Serg Vorbarra honorably.

The Escobarans were aided by Tau Ceti and Beta Colony; the Betans gave particular help by providing the Escobarans with the brand-new technology plasma mirrors, which gave the Escobarans an immediate overwhelming advantage in battle, as it made the standard weapons useless against them.

The Barrayaran retreat from Escobar was commanded by Aral Vorkosigan. The end result on Barrayar of the invasion was the destruction of the War party and the Ministry of Political Education.

The Barrayarans' prisoners of war were quartered in a camp on Sergyar; originally the site of quite a few war crimes, it was cleaned up in a hurry when Aral Vorkosigan took command. Soon after, Barrayar received seventeen uterine replicators from Escobar; these contained the fetuses from rape victims. One of them was Elena Bothari, the daughter of Konstantine Bothari, a Barrayaran, and Elena Visconti, an Escobaran prisoner of war.

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Notes and references[]

Shards of Honor is devoted to the events of this war.

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