"Actually, I thought we might have been sent out on guard duty as some kind of punishment."
"For your sins? Your cosmology is too egocentric, Aristede.
―Aristede Vorkalloner and Aral Vorkosigan[src]

Aristede Vorkalloner was a commander in the Barrayaran Imperial Service who was killed during the Escobar War.

As a lieutenant commander, he was the second officer of Captain Aral Vorkosigan's ship, the General Vorkraft. He was on the vessel when Cordelia Naismith was briefly captured.

During the lead-up to the Barrayaran invasion of Escobar, Vorkosigan was promoted to commodore and assigned to Vice-Admiral Vorrutyer's staff. The executive officer of the General Vorkraft, Korabik Gottyan, became its captain, and Aristede Vorkalloner was promoted to commander.

Vorkalloner was on the bridge of the General Vorkraft when it was destroyed by Escobaran shuttles armed with plasma mirrors. His corpse was found by Escobaran medtech Tersa Boni; one of his personal effects was a mother's tears charm. He was placed in storage next to Tersa's daughter, Sylva.