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"Admiral Count Aral Vorkosigan. The colossus of Barrayaran history in this half-century. Conqueror of Komarr, hero of the ghastly retreat from Escobar. For sixteen years Lord Regent of Barrayar during Emperor Gregor’s troubled minority; the Emperor’s trusted Prime Minister in the four years since. Destroyer of Vordarian’s Pretendership, engineer of the peculiar victory of the third Cetagandan war, unshaken tiger-rider of Barrayar’s murderous internecine politics for the past two decades."
―Miles thinks about how to describe his father[src]

The Aral Vorkosigan Regency was a period of time during the reign of Emperor Gregor Vorbarra. It began when Gregor was four years old upon the death of Emperor Ezar and ended when Gregor turned 20.

Notable achievements of the Regency[]

  • Won a peculiar victory over the Cetagandans in the Third Cetagandan War.[1]
  • Ended the Komarran Revolt. Some years later, removed military garrisons from Komarran domes.[2]
  • Established and enforced the concept of a criminal order.[3]
  • Modernized military regulations, eliminating discipline parades.[4]
  • Simplified the rules for proles to be able to move between Districts.[5]
  • Widened government service to proles.[6]
  • Brought uterine replicators into use on Barrayar.
  • Removed the torture chambers in ImpSec.[7]
  • Expanded enrollment of non-Vor Barrayaran males into the Imperial Service Academy.[8]
  • Strengthened the notion of a rule of law.[9]
  • Komarr integration scheme allowed Komarrans into upper government and the Imperial Service.[10]
  • Held the Barrayaran government together for sixteen years through about half a dozen crises and performed a peaceful transition to Emperor Gregor's rule.[11]


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